About The Virtual Robotics Toolkit


Build it once & Keep it forever

Perfect for FIRST LEGO League teams

Perfect for FIRST LEGO League teams

No need to disassemble and no more lost pieces. You can store your designs and share with anyone you like. Try your designs on simple challenges or Robo Sumo Matches.


Perfect for FIRST LEGO League teams

Perfect for FIRST LEGO League teams

Perfect for FIRST LEGO League teams

The toolkit allows you to collaborate with teammates no matter how far they are at any time of the day. Competition Game Mat and Challenges already included, plus other fun games.


Save Money without compromise

Perfect for FIRST LEGO League teams

Save Money without compromise

Simulation is an affordable means to learning strategy, engineering, and programming before upgrading to a physical machine. Very affordable prices for Teams and Classrooms. All purchases include a 7 Lesson Course.

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The Virtual Robotics Toolkit

partnership with the best

Stemdude and its Robotics provider Smart Mind Robotics, have served over 12,000 students by teaching hands-on Robotics programs in Southern, CA since 2009. As most of us know, robotics programs provide an initial STEM education like no other program because it teaches the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math like no other program in a very fun way. Plus it teaches basic Coding and Teamwork.

As of 2020, we have now partnered with Cogmation Robotics, based in Winnipeg, Canada and who is the leader in Robotics Simulation for Mindstorms Robotics.

While there are other simulation programs out there,  none is as realistic as the Virtual Robotics Toolkit. Once you try it, you will realize the lifelike reactions of the robots and equipment as they interact with each other, much the same as in the real world.

We welcome you to try the Virtual Robotics Toolkit for Free or purchase the program for yourself or your team. Our prices are very affordable and will undoubtedly give your child or team an advantage by having it available anytime day or night.

cogmation robotics

 Cogmation Robotics develops simulation software that enables users to design & control robotics systems. This technology has been proven to engage more STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) students with their robotics studies.

Pilots use flight simulators before taking actual flight, and we firmly believe our software overcomes many barriers that are associated with using real robots in the classroom; such as the high price and limited availability of robotics hardware.