Getting Started - For FIRST Robotics

It's simple to get going with first robotics and lego mindstorms ev3 . You'll need to download the VRT software but first get your key to unlock it. Either by getting a trial or purchasing the full software. 

Install Instructions

INstall Instructions and Software downloads

Click below for specific Download and Install Instructions for lego mindstorms ev3 and first robotics direct from Cogmation Robotics

Beginners Guide

Easiest way to get started with first robotics and lego mindstorms ev3 after you have downloaded programs and you are ready to begin.

Full Instructions and Documentation

San Diego and all over - If you are ready for all the power of the Virtual Robotics Toolkit - You will find it here. From Getting Started to LEGO Mindstorms EV3 programming and using additional software to upload designs and use in FIRST Robotics -

Introduction to the Virtual Robotics Toolkit

 This video is a quick introduction to the Virtual Robotics Toolkit and first robotics plus lego mindstorms ev3