Our STEM programs have been designed with 3 things in mind - Sustainability, Scalability and Replicability. Although these programs can be found in some communities, there are very few of these programs that come to the schools with all necessary equipment to teach the kids directly at their schools. That's what we have and we are ready to bring it to your community.

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Robotics and STEM Programs

K - 2nd grade Robotics


Think your Kinder students are too young for STEM and to work on Robotics and build a Robot and Code? Think again. Our innovative software and equipment will have them Coding in no time. Even if the student cannot yet read!



In Robotics, older students build sophisticated Robots and Program them at a higher level with software developed at MIT Labs. Robots navigate their environment using sensors and decision-making programming. It's what STEM is all about in San Diego

K-6th grade science labs


In San Diego and many other places, schools lack funding and time for STEM Fun Science Experiments. That's where we come in. Our instructors bring all materials and have a blast teaching hands-on science projects to students.



We partner with local San Diego STEM organizations to offer a combination of fun Science and Robotics plus physical activities for the kids. We call them "Body and Mind" Camps that offer the best of Summer camps for the kids.

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We sponsor two San Diego FIRST LEGO League Robotics Qualifying Tournaments every year giving local teams a place to compete and show off their projects and ideas. Top teams compete at LEGOLAND for a chance to make it to the World Championship. MORE INFO

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Volunteer with us


We welcome and need San Diego volunteers for any of our many programs. No need to have Robotics or STEM experience. Anyone interested to make a difference in children's' lives is welcome to help. No experience necessary, we will train and run a background check. Contact Us to get started.

Chosen Programs

Chosen programs

Robotics is the most fun a student can have while learning to code. Even as young as 6 years old, a child can put together our robot and learn to drag and drop commands as instructions. As kids get older, their ability to build bigger and better Robots increases alongside their ability to program them. Using sensors raises their level of programming and coding to a much higher level of Coding. Robotics encompasses the most complete STEM program in San Diego for just about any age and we can tailor the program's curriculum to fit into a Math or Science class.

Science Labs– It is just a fact that Science Teachers do not have the time and tools to teach the fun experimental labs most kids dream about. Labs are fun, but difficult for school teachers to organize and find the time to prepare them for a large class. Our instructors bring everything needed and even clean up after. We work with the schools to approve all experiments and make certain it fits into the school's curriculum.

The best part of our programs is that we come directly to the schools. No need to pick up your child and take them to another location. We come in and use the assigned classroom without the need for parent involvement.

Our instructors are all vetted by LifeScan services, have CPR and First Aid training. All are well versed in their instruction and enthusiastically teach the students to get them excited about of bright fun future of STEM.