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Since 2010, We have taught over 10,000 students in our programs


directly at schools

With our Smart Mind Robotics implementation arm, Our programs currently teaches over 1600 students per year directly at their schools, and we are growing. Please contact us how we can bring this program to your community.



When our students can't get enough, we organize two annual Robotics competitions for students to continue coding and building Robots. We host 32 teams of 10 students per team for a chance to continue to a World Championship. 

Testimonial 1


My daughter, Kiana, first became interested in robotics after attending one of your after school programs in 6th grade. She was immediately hooked and she attended many of your special sessions before making the leap to joining a First Lego League team and competitions. She is now a junior in High School and is very involved in her school's First Robotics Competition team. 

It would be hard for me to overstate the difference this has made in her life. Robotics gave her a great appreciation for STEM subjects. More importantly it developed her problem solving skills immensely. Because each competition also involves presentations, she also became very comfortable with public speaking. But the most important thing robotics did for her was to surround her with a group of like-minded individuals who placed a high value on academic achievement and having fun in responsible ways. These kids are so close they refer to each other as family, and they help each other strive to achieve personal, professional, and academic goals in a way I've never seen before. I now have three young step-children, and I cannot wait to get them enrolled in robotics programs. Neither can they!

If there is anything more I can do to support your application for funding, please let me know. Every child should have this sort of opportunity.



Testimonial 2

 I am the parent of Addam who has been enrolled in Smart Robotics this passed school year. My son is not a fan of active sports so when he heard robotics was being offered at his school he didn't hesitate to be enrolled. It has helped him build teamwork skills, let's him get creative and explore a completely different type of sport. He is happy to be in an environment and with a group of other students with similar interest and feels like he belongs. It makes me happy that his school offers this extracurricular activity,especially for those students whose interest do not involve your average sports. 

Thank you smart robotics

Smart Robotics Parent

Carla G.

Testimonial 3

My son, Shane has been in the robotics program almost every year. He makes sure we don’t forget to sign him up for the upcoming classes. I must say Shane always looks forwards to Friday’s because of after school robotics class. When I pick him up, he tells me it was too short of a class. I would love to find something for him to do in the field of robotics during the week as well. Thank you for bringing this to  our school. 



Testimonial 4

Max really enjoyed Robotics. My husband and I liked the fact that he was doing an extracurricular activity that was educational. He is already a naturally active boy, as is common for young boys to be, so we are grateful for Robotics as an after school option on site at school (in addition to sports and other active options), so he could practice concentration and focus, as well as fostering creativity and social skills while engaging with other kids. 

Ivy T

Testimonial 5

I enrolled my son Diego in Robotics classes at his school in Bonita, Ca. This class helped my son learn basic coding, building robotic prototypes and challenged his mind in a fun interactive way. He enjoyed the course and is looking forward to joining the robotics club in middle school.

Thank you,


Alejandro L

Testimonial 6

 I wanted to share that for my son, the robotics program at his School engaged him and was a bright spot in an otherwise difficult school year. It made him look forward to coming to school on Fridays. He says he wants to work with robots one day. We love robotics! 

Tanya C.

Testimonial 7

Ariana has been on the Robotics Program at her school for the last 2 years.  She really enjoy the program and shows a lot of interest on learning more and its applications.  She even says she would like to be a Robotics Engineer to help people.   The Robotics Program feeds her curiosity and imagination.  The dynamic of the group is friendly though competitive, so she keeps striving to do better on each session.   I hope this program continues helping my daughter and other kids with similar interests.  


Soraya O.