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Every order of the VRT will receive a 7 Class STEM Hero Course ideal for Elementary and Middle School students. Participants will learn about Robotics, AI, Programming EV3, building using LEGO Digital Designer and of course, learn how to use the VRT simulator. 

This Course is optional and can be taken anytime. We will send all the details for signing up for the course.

See below for more Course details.



The STEM HERO Course has 7 main lessons that contain the courses outlined below. It is set up for single users or for Teachers offering a class to students. More detailed instruction received after purchasing the VRT.

Lessons Covered in STEM HERO Course include:

Lesson One:

  • Robotics Introduction 
  • Robots characteristics 
  • Robots Uses & Types 
  • Lego Mindstorms Introduction (EV3 & NXT) 

Lesson Two:

  • Main Mindstorms Pieces (Main + Technic) 
  • Programming Robots & Blocks 
  • VRT User Interface & Remote Control 
  • Exercise One 

Lesson Three:

  • Action Blocks 
  • Exercise Two 
  • Exercise Three 
  • Lego Digital Designer Introduction  

Lesson Four:

  • Lego Digital Designer 
  • Lego Digital Designer Modes & Controls 
  • LDD Building Ex1 
  • Importing LDD Models 

Lesson Five:

  •  Flow Blocks 
  • Exercise 4 
  • Attachment Manager 
  • Exercise 5 

Lesson Six:

  •  Exercise 6 
  • Sensor Blocks 
  • Port View 

Lesson Seven:

  •  LDD Building Ex2 + Importing 
  • Mindstorms Programming Revision 
  • Lego Mindstorms Quiz 

Any School or Educational Organization with 10+ students can simply host this Course. All details will be sent upon purchasing the Virtual Robotics Toolkit.


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Purchase the License which will allow for a whole year of using the Virtual Robotics Toolkit software, plus the included classes. Classes are optional, but are definitely fun and helpful to get you going.

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purchase single code

purchase single code


Enjoy playing with friends or preparing for competition. The license will get you going on getting ahead of the pack in Robotics building and programming.